The Importance of Writing a Letter to the Judge


I cannot even begin to express the importance of writing a letter to the judge in this case.

Currently, both Streicher and Leszynski have plead to the main charge of the criminal complaint alleging neglect of a child resulting in death, a class D felony.  The other multiple charges of the complaint were dismissed but read in as part of a plea agreement both have made with the district attorney’s office.

The judge is not required to impose sentencing based on the plea agreement.  He is free to go on his own and sentence them as he sees fit.  If we, the people, send a clear message to the judge that we do not believe these two should even have been allowed a plea agreement and that he needs to send a clear message that child abusers/murderers do NOT deserve leniency, he is more likely to go out on his own in sentencing these two.

Please, take a few minutes and write this judge.  The more mail he receives about this, the clearer the message is.  We need to flood his office with mail so he knows the public is outraged at the whole situation.  Haley deserves justice.  The people who killed her do not deserve a break.  She never gets to walk this earth free again, so neither should they, but being that the maximum sentence on this is only 25 years, it should be at least that many before they have the chance to walk free again.  Be Haley’s voice.

The address for the judge is:
Honorable James G Pouros
Circuit Court Judge
432 E Washington St
West Bend WI 53095


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