Streicher Also Pleads To The Criminal Complaint Friday


Justin  Streicher plead no contest on Friday to count one of the criminal complaint alleging a class D felony for neglecting a child resulting in the child’s death.  The other counts of the complaint were dismissed but read in for sentencing purposes as part of a plea deal the defendant reached with the district attorney’s office.  He will be sentenced May 22, 2013.

The child, Haley Kluwe was found dead May 1, 2012.  She had been badly beaten and had a deadly untreated infection.  Her mother also plead to the same charge and is due to be sentenced on April 12, 2013.  

We are asking everyone to write the judge and tell him to ignore the plea agreement and sentence these two to the maximum sentence allowed by law.  As it is, they should have been charged with murder… this little girl was beaten, drugged, neglected, and left to suffer and no one who does that to a child should ever walk the streets free again.  The judge is not bound by the plea agreement.  He can sentence as he sees fit.  Please… take a minute and write this judge and ask him to sentence these two to the maximum penalties he can… he needs to send a message that this is NOT ok.  There never should have been a plea deal for a child murderer in the first place.  The more mail this judge receives about this, the more likely he is to listen to the public and go on his own for sentencing.  Here are the name and address of the judge:

Honorable James G Pouros
Circuit Court Judge
432 E Washington St
West Bend WI 53095

The mother Leann Leszynski is being sentenced on April 12th, while her boyfriend is being sentenced May 22, 2013.  Please… don’t let this go.  It will take you less than ten minutes to write the letter, address it, and put it in the mailbox, and that 10 minutes could go a long way towards getting justice for Haley.  She can’t speak for herself, so be her voice now.


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